It's on my list!


On-my-list is a simple application, used by families and groups of friends to better manage gift-giving events like birthdays and Christmas. Those people giving gifts can take satisfaction from the knowledge that whatever they have purchased is certain to be well received and those in-line to receive, can craft their list(s) to hightlight things they really want.


As a list-owner, you can quickly and easily create a list of items you might like to receive; you can include hyperlinks off to stockists, and any add other details that you think might help: for example your preferred colour or size. This will make it easy for others to get you exactly what you want: right item, right colour, right size!


As a list-browser, you can view other people's lists and 'tick off' items that you plan to get. The recipient will not see who is buying what, but other list-browsers will know that certain items are already taken: this avoids duplicates being purchased.