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Getting Started

Getting going is easy! Just follow the steps, in the order shown, and you and your family will be set up in next to no time.

Step 1: Register your own account.

Click, Register to create an account that will allow you to sign in to this site. There is no fee, no adverts and we only hold the bare minimum of information about you which we promise not to sell or give to anyone else.

Step 2: Add a few things to your list.

From the main menu choose "Edit Your List" and then click the '+New' button to add new entries to your list. It's always helpful if you add in as much detail as possible or maybe paste in a hyperlink to identify a specific item.

Step 3: Add your friends and family.

Giving is all about friends and family: so you need to set up a "Friend Group" with whom you plan to share lists. All you need to do is give a first name and an email address for each person. The website will not actually email these people directly - that would feel a bit impersonal! But each person's email address is needed in order to serve as a username for when he/she comes to sign-in.

Step 4: Let people know about your list.

It is important that you tell your friend-group what you are doing - otherwise, how will they know?. So, drop them a short email and ask them to click on this link:
And then to sign in, using their email-address as their username.

Enjoy !